Attorney at Law and U.S. Registered Patent Attorney

Dan Nesbitt is a sole equity partner and managing partner of the law firm of Nesbitt IP LLC. His practice concentrates on intellectual property matters, and specializes in patent, trademark, and trade secret matters. His has substantial experience in international patent matters, particularly in Japan, China, other Asian countries, and Latin America.

Mr. Nesbitt obtained a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh in 1977, and a J.D. from Salmon P. Chase College of Law, Northern Kentucky University in 1987. Before entering private law practice, he worked for The Procter & Gamble Company in Cincinnati, OH, in the Engineering, Product Development and Patent Divisions. As Senior Counsel, he managed the Company’s Japan and Asia patent operation in Kobe, Japan from 1992 to 1995, and handled various patent matters in the U.S. and Latin America from 1997 through 2001.

His technical and patent experience has covered a wide variety of technology and product areas, including medical devices including skull stabilizers, and contrast media and vaccination injection devices; medical diagnostic methods, including renal markers, infective viruses, nIR imaging systems and devices, and endoscopic devices;  therapeutic methods, including viral immunology, nephro therapeutics, isoflavone compositions; soaps and detergents; foods and beverages, including protected carbohydrate foods; paperboard, plastic film and plastic container packaging and mechanical processes; commercial products including safety devices, changeable lock cylinders, mechanical and exclusion seals, elevator and conveying systems, HVAC systems, and basement leakage and dehumidification systems; hardware and mechanical tools; internal combustion engine cylinder design; bank depository systems; disposable absorbent products; LED and conventional lighting devices and systems; polymers, polymer films and polymer coating systems; chemical formulations and processes; electrical devices including junction boxes and batteries; health care and beauty care products, including enteric coating compositions; manufacturing processes; electronic devices including TFTs and LCD devices and methods; shoes and apparel; golf club and golfing accessories; nano technologies (including CNTs); biotechnology (vector cassettes); and a wide variety of industrial designs and models.

Mr. Nesbitt has been a long-time member of the American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA), and a member of the Cincinnati Intellectual Property Law Association. He is licensed to practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, and in the State of Ohio.

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